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Water Ripple

Meet Jessica

Jessica McCoppin brings a wealth of experience hard-won from leadership roles in local and national public health organizations, university systems, and the finance and hospitality industries.


As a strategic systems thinker, she’s found herself in every job joining (and occasionally chairing!) committees to make the workplace work better. Whether it's overhauling policy and procedures, leading community engagement initiatives, improving workflow as the scrum master or generally bringing order to chaos, she has seen first-hand how systems and system-change efforts fail or facilitate an organization’s ability to support its staff.  

JMM Consulting is driven by Jessica’s passion: partnering with people like you to implement and sustain principles, practices, processes, and policies that empower resilient, diverse, mission-centered teams.  And when employees have what they need to do good work well, that energy and engagement multiplies into the community through their book clubs, PTAs, fraternities and friendships.

When she’s not working, you'll find Jessica getting creative in the garden or kitchen, while listening to her favorite podcasts.

Vision, Mission and Approach

Richly connected, diverse, inclusive and joyful communities 

Empowering mission-centered organizations to
do good work well 


I love untangling knots - those gnarly, messy bunches of shoelaces, necklaces or hair (cheers to my fellow curly-haired folks!).  Experienced ‘untanglers’ know that yanking and tugging only makes those kinks and blockages worse. Eliminating chaos requires understanding how those knots are nested, a few tools of the trade deployed with curiosity and patience, and a plan to keep moving forward.  

I am committed to helping you accomplish the same thing – apply a set of havoc-halting skills that I’ve cultivated throughout my career to unravel chaos and implement sustainable solutions, so that your team can do good work well. 



Community Engager



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