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Water Ripple

Custom solutions for your team

From coaching individuals to transforming systems within and among organizations,

JMM Consulting offers customized services, empowering you and your team to
do good work well


Knowing who you are and effectively communicating where you’re going makes teams stronger and partnerships more productive.


Whether you are a new team, adapting to community context, or established and in need of a refresh, organizations often benefit from a thought partner and facilitator in visioning, planning and internal alignment processes.

Connect with Jessica to discuss:

  • Strategic planning 

  • Community and stakeholder engagement


Practices, policies and processes need maintenance - and sometimes intervention - to make sure they support your staff and facilitate your mission.

Connect with Jessica to discuss:

  • Workflow assessment and adjustments

  • Process and quality improvement


It might feel like luck when teams click, but you can intentionally design conditions, structure and culture to help your team find its zone.

We will work together to apply data-driven assessment, social science and DEI principles, and experience-informed intuition to identify root issues and growth opportunities.  We'll take time to navigate necessary conversations with curiosity and care.  ​

Connect with Jessica to discuss:

  • Leadership development and coaching 

  • Culture transformation and team cohesion

  • Data-driven DEI support

Community Impact

Your network can accomplish more acting together!


For coalitions and conveners, fellow systems planners and strategists: Simplify pathways and increase effective collaboration among organizations and stakeholders. Identify community-level opportunities to align action for maximized impact. 

Connect with Jessica to discuss:

  • Community mapping and network convening 

  • Community systems performance assessment

  • Group facilitation and inter-agency relationship development

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